About Us

Our Focus

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, "Inside every fat book is a thin book trying to get out." Well, at Emerson & Church that’s what we believe.

In fact, it’s why our company slogan is “Get to the point.”

Understand, our authors are free to write what they wish. We don’t run a gulag. We simply insist that every one of their words be necessary.

This is critical when it comes to our “Gold Standard” board books.  Yes, we’d all like board members to grasp the nuances of fundraising and governing. But they do have day jobs. Offer them a short, substantive book, one that takes an hour to read, and they’re likely to reach the last page.

We take the same approach with our books for staff.  You have ample responsibilities already. Devoting hours to honing your skills would be nice – but you’ve got a life too.  Who wants to spoil a perfectly good evening by bringing home a professional book?

There’s a second quality we prize in addition to brevity. And that’s clarity. We’re zealots for it. We practically carry “No Jargon!” placards around the office.  Our chief editor is to blame. He’s always lived by the motto, “If my smart, quick-witted, 92-year-old mother can’t understand the book, then we’ve failed.”

Fortunately for our readers he’s never let us release a book that didn’t meet his lofty standard. (But he sure can be a pain.)

Still, his editorial obsession is why we offer a guarantee unlike any in the publishing industry. Take a full 90 days to review one of our books. If it doesn’t meet your needs, return it and we’ll refund your purchase price. (In our years of business, a handful of books have been returned.)

But enough about us. Sample one or two of our books. They’re far more interesting than we are.